Mahana Hope Bracelet #mahanagive

Mahana Beads + Rhodochrosite x Mahana Hope Bracelet.

The HOPE bracelet was created to raise funds for breast cancer research and education.  25% of sales from this bracelet will go to City of Hope.  City of Hope is a World Class Hospital and a leader in Cancer treatment and research.

Rhodochrosite creates balance and love on all levels.  It creates a sense of happiness and relief from ongoing stress.  It assists in bringing fuller love into ones life and opening the heart to give and receive love.   

The Lava Stone is a symbol of strength and courage.  This natural stone is the result of Earths volcanic eruptions, containing within it the powerful energy that created it.  As it comes from the earth, it can strengthen one's connection with mother Earth and life purpose. 


Stone Size: 8mm


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