Purple Agate Tea Strainer

Mahana Purple Agate Tea Strainer + Your Favorite Tea x Pure Relaxation

Relax and clear your mind as you brew your favorite cup of tea with the Mahana Agate Tea Strainer.  Agate is a great stone for creating balance and harmony in the mind, body and spirit. It helps to create a clean positive space, eliminating negativity. It is a soothing stone, creating calm and inner peace.

Use tea strainer with loose tea or herbs.  Each crystal is unique in shape, size and color.   No two stones are alike, product received may vary from the image shown.  Regardless of size and color every crystal carries it's own powerful energy.

Material: Stainless Steel Tea Ball

Care Instructions: Dishwasher Safe.  Do Not Microwave. Not for Stove Top Use.


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